Why a Spice Blend?

Well, that question pauses my thinking for a moment. I personally love food that has vitality and zest. Food that is void of natural essence or life, is boring and uninviting to me. I notice the vital life in everything that I do and experience. Unless, of course, my mind and heart are fatigued and have gone into a rest mode. This morning I was tired upon arising and my wife said;  “Do you still want to go on a walk?” I hesitated for a bit and thought; “oh I could sleep a little more, and then go into the office. I did stay up late last night talking with friends and eating late.”

The thought quickly came, “if you do your interval walking, you will have more energy.” With that, I answered; “Yes, let’s go on a walk.” And it did, within a block of walking, I was beginning to be energized and breathing deeply and enjoying the morning.

Along the walk, I was involved in conversation with my wife and I looked up and noticed the outline from the silhouette from the trees against the backdrop of the early morning sky. My attention then dropped down to a single branch with a few leaves dangling in the air nearby. I took a breath of inspiring gratitude for the amazing plant life on the planet. Always there offering oxygen, a beautiful view, strength, patience, and insights. It seems as if they offer more than I give back.

Plants are there to offer life to us…

And in return, we can help direct and manage the production to help them as they help us.

When the settlers from Europe came to the Americas, many saw how the forests were managed by the native Americans. They were not overrun with animals, and yet there were plenty of animals. The forests were not out of control but had some management. On the plains the forests were leveled, so they could manage the buffalo, but they still had ways of managing gardens or finding ways to grow vegetables that they could come back and discover later. In other words, the savage nature of seek treasure and destroy what is not understood was not in the natives but the immigrants that came over from the sea. The natives had lived in harmony with nature for hundreds of years, if not longer.

Many in western society, and not in other societies on the planet, are sick, tired, and stuck. In the west, we have been eating based on marketing and seeking subjects of mass consumption. And to change a society it takes time. Mindful and Heartful eating is happening, but at slow pace. I am encouraged to see more and more people want to eat less processed foods, and start eating more organic and well-grown foods.

To really transform, it requires a decision. A decision to “take action” from within to “Live by Heart” in the way one eats, breaths, walks, thinks, works. Growing a garden is a great practice of pausing and listening to what the earth and its creations want. They want attention that is not fighting but cooperative.

Eating by Desperation is Not Transforming

With all this discussion, let’s go back to the original question of: What is a transformation company doing creating, producing, and selling a spice blend? Simple, transformation is for the entire body, heart, and mind. Life begins as a small child desperately wanting to breath and eat. When a child can be nursed with love and milk, the child easily feels this love from the heart and body,  and is calm and grows well. When a child is fed with abandonment and tainted food, it can cause problems overtime in its body.

I went looking for ways to help people with food or plants that could help them with healing their bodies. People that are trying to lose weight are often in competition with their own body. It is as if there is some peach bore waiting to attack because the tree is weak. When there is obesity, there is something off with a person’s nutrition, emotion, and beliefs. Yes, there are genetic issues, but science has proven that the processed food diet affects all types of genetics, regardless of country of origin.

Finding ways to bring people back to a wholeness of eating and living is the goal of Live by Heart. I found that all the work of 3 decades of helping people think and feel whole was lacking a key component of eating holistically. Most often people throw herbs and foods into their mouth like a captain desperately trying to keep his ship from capsizing as he navigates through a heavy storm.  steering a ship through a crazy storm —- hurry and eat right, and get everything done!  In the moment of desperation, the body doesn’t digest well, thus the amazing food and herbs become “a maze” or puzzle to the body and for those who gain weight easily, the particles were stuffed into the vast tissues in the sea of cells of the body.

The Spice Blend is Born to Transform

Thus, came the moment of the spice blend. We were researching herbs to help the physical side of those who were in the daily combat of health and weight. I could not find the whole combination perfectly without using some spices. But certain spices really don’t belong in a supplement. They often just go through unnoticed and of little value. I realized that I wanted to support the eating of food with spices and thus give value in the enjoyment of eating.  Thereby enhancing food with taste and with the nutrients that would support digestion and immune functions.

It is so interesting to me that the digestive system has a major role in the immune system. The stomach is both an immune organ and a digestive organ. I remember listening to one doctor say that immunity directives were a bit more than the digestive side for the stomach. Through additional study, I found a considerable amount of scientific research behind the immune support provided by  certain spices. They helped several cytokines and immunoglobulins. There is also research that shows how some spices help with the body’s hormones. Hormones that helped with sugar balance and other glandular hormonal supports.

Spices Satisfy Digestion

And of course, these spices were helpful with digestion. Hundreds of years before refrigerators, electricity and the massive campaigns for processed living, spices were cherished and traded by medicine people to help the people get well and digest food. These plants were appreciated long before the modern use of drugs. But, I came to understand, the proper use of these plants is as important as the plants themselves.

My father discovered that if he put too many mineral rocks in the soil, the plants could not handle the onslaught because it was unnatural to have excess minerals. He discovered a balance in his work. And I discovered that with our peach tree and our fabulous grape vines that excess water was not what they wanted. We learned to give some but to back off and let their roots become strong by looking for the water and give enough but not too much. We supported structures for the vines to grow and gave additional minerals to outlying soils that helped the garden but not too much for the fruit plants.

I am not an expert gardener, but through my professional experience I do understand how to help individuals support transformational, mindful and “heartful” thinking in their life.   It is empowering to their soul/heart/body and mind in the correct amount that provides learning, growth, and motivation.

Synergistic Spices Brings Food and Body to Life

By combining spices in a blend that supports the blend itself, creates a synergistic effect when ingested by a hungry human.  The interaction and interplay of the Spice Blend  is translated to the human tissues in a beautiful and productive way. So, the natural way of enjoying the experience opens the heart and cells of the body to receive the nutrients of the spices and the nutrients of the food itself.

I have developed a balanced spice blend so enjoyable, I feel alive, refreshed, and fed. My eating brings a satisfaction that I have not found in years. I have a fullness not of pushing or forcing a buffet of food down my throat, but a satiety fullness that my body is so properly nourished. Like eating a raw apple, grape or peach that has been grown with vitality, I now eat rice, potatoes, or other foods cooked with the Spice Blend, resulting in a vitality of joy that is difficult to describe but easy to feel and enjoy.

Transformation can begin with the mouth, the eye, the heart, the touch. Transformation is the bringing into oneness of team partners in a way that all the parts are important, all the parts are not equal in quantity, but equal in support in a way that is helpful and enjoyable to all. Just like there is more calcium than potassium, each is important and plays its role well when they work together in a harmony that is beyond human comprehension.

We named the Spice Blend; “Great Cooking Good Looking”  because feeling good on the inside helps you look good, too.

It could just change your belly and your life.