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Parent by Heart - Peace at Home is Possible

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Parenting is rewarding, true. Parenting can be crazy, true.  Learn how a deeper insight into yourself and your children can calm the craziness and build stronger bonds with those you love.

Relationship Drama - "Heal the Wounds, Find the Love" ™

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Our most important desire in life is to connect with others.  Whether that means the connection with a friend, spouse, lover, or even a work mate.  Making real, heartfelt connections is critical to a fulfilled joyful life.

Food Drama -
Win the War with Food

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So often we struggle with our diet.  We may splurge on sweets or crazily consume carbohydrates.  We may even have a strong addiction to late night ice cream indulgence.   Finally you can find answers and solutions to your complex relationship with food

Personal Coaching.

Health Coaching with Heart

What’s behind your food or lifestyle troubles?

Transformation is not just a fancy word for change, it is a real process that can happen in your life.  The Live by Heart coaching program is a step-by-step, principle-based and value-driven experience with REAL results.  Having a personal coach is how top olympic athletes, high-powered executives, and neighborhood moms can achieve their highest and best good.

Jennifer’s 20+ years in the health and nutrition industry as a personal trainer, coach, and product developer brings experience and skill to coach her clients to success.  She has faced her own challenges and learned how self-empowerment brings happiness and joy into your life.  



Life Centering with
Breath and Awareness


A step-by-step guide to self-empowerment & transformation

Are you looking for peace from feelings of overwhelm and unhappiness? Take a few minutes each day to center yourself with meditation.

Life Centering contains 30 meditation and centering practices that target the specific issues you are facing. These practices integrate your body, mind, heart, and soul to help you create the life you desire for your whole self

Live by Heart.....and...
Live in Joy