Parenting is Not for the Faint of Heart.

It's for those with their heart in the right place.

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What do you find most challenging as a parent?  How do you feel about the drama created in family relationships; with your children, spouse, sibling rivalry, grandchildren, etc.?

An unforgettable 2-day seminar helps parents navigate relationships with their spouse, young children, and adult children raising kids of their own.

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Our Parenting Story - Can You Relate?

We have a lifetime of experience as parents.  But experience doesn’t mean we did it right.

       Our parenting skills developed more from trial and error than learning and applying.  The goods news is our children survived, but were we the best parents?  Hmm…I guess we were the best at what we knew.  I only wish we would have known more.

       Now that my husband and I are grandparents, a whole new world of “parenting” opens up – how to help our children be better parents without stepping on toes or offending anyone.

“I believe it when they say teenagers' brains are not fully developed. Maybe that explains why my daughter never speaks to us. She doesn’t know how to talk yet.” - Leslie P., Draper, UT

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Yep, parenting is challenging.

In fact, there are days I feel like simply staying in bed! Have you ever felt like that?  The truth is, being a Mom or Dad can be a thankless, tiring, non-stop emotional roller coaster. But it’s also an amazing, fulfilling responsibility that I wouldn’t trade for anything. 

Parents have the awesome responsibility to keep their kids feeling safe and loved, clothed, housed, protected, fed, educated, entertained, and challenged.

We were in our late 20’s when we had our first child, a girl. And it was incredible! We held this darling bundle of joy in our arms and couldn’t believe how much we loved her. 

And then it hit us. Yikes! We have to take care of her; feed her, cloth her, teach her about puberty, allow her to date, get her off to college, and give her away in marriage to the perfect man.

How are we going to do this? Where can we learn about healthy parenting?



“Finally, some information that is relevant and useful.  I started using the tools and techniques from the Live by Heart seminar and my stress level dramatically decreased”  – Chris V., Washington, DC

Over the next 3 years we survived, and our daughter grew, but by no means did we figure out how to be the greatest parents in the world.  

Feeling under prepared as parents, we thought the next logical thing to do is…you guessed it – have another baby! Duh!  Right?  Congratulations, it’s a boy. Yikes, A BOY?!? 

Now we have a whole new set of responsibilities. We have to feed him, cloth him, teach him about puberty, allow him to date, get him off to college,  and support his decision to marry the girl of his dreams (who we hope will be the perfect match)

Wait a minute!  This sounds WAY too familiar.  Deja Vu.  

Parental responsibility times 2.   Help !

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We learned our parenting skills primarily from our parents, and quickly realized that their methods were WAY outdated. 

We are Baby Boomers, so our parents were part of the Dr. Benjamin Spock era. 

Not this Spock....

Dr. Benjamin Spock

Dr. Spock’s book; Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care was published in 1946 and sold over 50 million copies and was translated into 42 languages. TIME magazine noted that Dr. Spock was “one of the most famous and controversial figures of his century. He singlehandedly changed the way parents raise their children.” The timing of his book perfectly aligned with the largest growth in the nation’s population – the Baby Boom.

Spock’s “freedom of expression” and “self-indulgence” philosophy for children has led to some interesting outcomes:

1) Spock’s solutions reflected total ignorance of the hedonistic bent of human nature and fostered an over-exalted sense of self-importance in children. Homes became hotbeds for narcissism, entitlement and victim thinking.

2) In the early ’60s, under Spock’s influence, parents were watching their children become sassy and contentious, and increasing numbers were seeing them become juvenile delinquents and criminals. 


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3) As the crime rate started to crawl up, SAT scores began to drop. Teenagers began to exercise less moral restraint and revealed an increasing contempt for authority.

4) The free-love hippy movement and student protests were inevitable for children who had been raised to think too highly of themselves. 

5) In a 1968 interview with the New York Times, Spock admitted that his first edition of “Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care” contributed to an increase of permissive parenting in America. Spock said; “Parents began to be afraid to impose on the child in any way.”


Parenting Philosophy is Different Now. Learn how to Connect to Your Relationships.

Fast-forward 7 years after our second child and 2 more children entered our family; a boy and a girl. Life got much, much busier, hectic and even frantic at times.

As our children grew, so did the challenges.  At 16 years old our oldest daughter faced a horrible and rare Kidney disease that caused unbearable chronic pain. She spent her senior year of High School laying on our couch in pain. We didn’t feel her pain, but we certainly felt overwhelmed with worry.

Our second child and oldest son decided at age 19 to put aside all that we taught him in our Christian faith. It was a challenging time and there were feelings that we failed him in some way.  

Could we have communicated in a different way?  Was there something we could have done to guide his decisions?

Discover More About Yourself and Effective Ways to Approach Your Relationships



Parenting has a million moments of joy and happiness along with the heartache and drama.

I wish I would have had access 30 years ago to the amazing information, insight, tools, and techniques from Live by Heart.

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