"Did anyone notice I just put the entire donut in my mouth? What is wrong with me?"


Face it, we all have a love / hate relationship with food.  Who doesn’t love a chocolate glaze donut with sprinkles, right? 

But then there’s a price to pay.  Being unhealthy, overweight, emotional and experiencing physical pain, and so one…

In our personal relationships, when we understand what is behind our actions, reactions, and behaviors, we can learn to change. As we become more aware of our emotions, feelings, and relationship with food, we can also make a change.  Where do I start?




Finally, an Event that provides real tools and techniques to help you think differently towards the food you eat. Recognizing your relationship with Food will quckly help you change What, When, and How you eat.  More importantly,  you will learn the emotional “WHY” you eat the way you do. This event can change your life!

  • Participate in eye-opening activities that will shift your paradigm about your relationship with food
  • Learn about the 7 Steps to Freedom that will help you release the emotions and beliefs that prevent you from living your internal values and experience joy
  • Learn how the roles you play and food plays in the Drama Triangle directly affects what and why you eat - healthy or not. Are you a Villain, Victim, or Hero?
  • Shift your long-held attitudes about food so you can finally have the control you have always wanted

Special Pricing Available: Only $60.00 per Day or $97.00
for 2 Full Days


Learn the simple tools to deal with the brain pathways and biochemical pathways that are a part of the emotional eating problems that cause so many people to struggle.

Habits are not the problem. We teach you how to go to the core understanding, and how to work with your moods and your daily choices. It is powerful. Then you can learn techniques to help you simplify your path that brings you to positive passionate eating.

Jennifer Marie talks about Conflict, the Drama Triangle, and Eating.  When we argue, or blame others,  or point out faults, we are in the Drama Triangle.  And guess what? You can also be in a Drama Triangle with the food you eat

  • Recognize When You Are in the Drama Triangle
  • The Victim, Villain, and Hero Attributes are Represented in People and Food
  • Are you Eating as a Victim, Villain, or Hero
  • Learn the Implications Each Character Has on Your Relationship with Food
  • Recognize and Adjust the Emotional Cycles that Keep You Stuck

What Students Say about Live by Heart Seminars:

“I love their teaching style…”

"...gave me practical tools to help me..."

"I learned how to manage the self talk"



Is the War with Food, or with Yourself ? Hmmm. Both?

Live by Heart has designed an event like no other.  Their experience with literally thousands of clients now culminates in a 2-day seminar that teaches the tools, techniques, and understanding of how we emotionally interact with food.

Special Pricing Available: Only $60.00 per Day or $97.00 for 2 Full Days

MEET YOUR INSTRUCTORS: The Founders of Live by Heart


As a Neuro-Energy Kinesiologist, Certified Enzyme Nutritionist and Empowerment Emotional Coach, Ron’s work with thousands of clients has provided him phenomenal insight and understanding of the emotional and physical challenges that holds people back from achieving true joy in their lives.


Jennifer knows first-hand the power of Living by Heart. She has faced and conquered overwhelming personal challenges in her life. She has 20 years experience helping others to become free of emotional chains tied to issues with weight, addictions, and anxiety. Her passion is to empower others to choose joy in their journey.

2-Day Live Seminar

Join the founders of Live by Heart, Ronald Wayman and Jennifer Marie as they share their combined experience in nutrition, kinesiology and health coaching to help individuals find joy and peace in their relationships.

  • Tools to Help You Deal with Your Out-of-Control Cravings
  • Get Your Heart's Desire with Food
  • How to Eat Healthy and Not Feel Deprived.
  • End the Blame Game

October 25th and 26th (Friday and Saturday)

9:00AM to 5:00PM