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Great Cooking Good LookingTM Artisan Spice Blend is a very unique blend of herbs and spices. As an adaptogen, it has the ability to change flavor with the different dishes you try it in. You can use the artisan spice blend in your hamburgers or roast, in your rice (our favorite) or muffins, with your omelets, as an herb butter, or even as a tea.

Great Cooking Good Looking is not only delicious, but the 14 herbs and spices in this blend have been used for centuries to provide a vast number of health benefits.  This blend provides support to the body for issues related to stress, respiration, viral infections, blood pressure, inflammation, blood sugar, circulation, weight management, fatigue, adrenal support, discomfort, cognition, sleep, and much more!

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Ron Wayman, CEnK3

As a Neuro-Energy Kinesiologist, Certified Enzyme Nutritionist and Empowerment Emotional Coach, Ron’s work with hundreds of clients has provided him phenomenal insight and understanding of the emotional and physical challenges that holds people back from achieving true joy in their lives.

Jennifer Marie, INHC

Jennifer has experienced firsthand the power of living by heart. She has faced and conquered overwhelming personal challenges in her life. For nearly 20 years, her work in developing nutritional products, personal training and coaching has helped others befree of the emotional chains tied to issues with weight, addictions, cravings, and anxiety.