Life offers you one challenge after another, and that’s ok! Sometimes, you just go along with whatever shows up in your path, be it food, people, life stress or your own attitude.

We call this the “Path of Least Resistance.” Unfortunately, this path rarely leads you to achieve personal goals or improve your relationships, careers, family or your bodies.

The truth is, challenges are just a form of stress, and stress is vital for growth. Growth is the prize, the goal and the purpose for any challenge.

Learning specialized tools and techniques can help you to overcome the challenge and reach the prize.

In this Program, you will be coached through a series of important and beneficial tools and techniques that will facilitate change. These Movement and Mindset tools will assist you in stabilizing your emotions. They will enable you to get out of the coping patterns of survival that has become your default way of living (path of least resistance). These coping patterns can control your life and slow or stop change.

It is time to take your energy and make room for deep and lasting change in your life, so that, you can experience a natural joy and bliss that comes only when your core self is one with your lifestyle.

The 7 Steps to Freedomwill honor your deepest desires and the true vision of what you wish to create for yourself.

These steps will you give options. The options are tools to be used as you learn and incorporate them in your thinking and actions throughout life. They offer choices, they offer perspective, they offer understanding, they offer authentic joy and experience.

Habits are only expressions of your subconscious in an automatic pattern. If you are to change a lifestyle habit, it includes all the parts of the 7 Steps to Freedom. Otherwise, you could get stuck with frustration, repeating old patterns, lost in distractions that could “derail” you off your desired path.

The 7 Steps to Freedom help you move past the self-punishing methods of change and move past the sabotages that hinder your best efforts. They move you forward with ease and excitement to “pro-sequences” of positive change and experience.

These 7 Steps are as follows:

  1. Move
  2. Observe
  3. Connect
  4. Understand
  5. Focus
  6. Choose
  7. Savor

Following these steps, you will be able to hold to your goals and objectives, move past the obstacles and move into a life of Freedom and Joy.

Each of the 7 Steps have associated Values. These Values reinforce the underlying gift that comes from mastering the Steps.

With Live by Heart Coaching, you will be guided through the Steps and learn how to customize them for your personal goals.

Before we proceed to the 7 Steps to Freedom, we will work with some tools to help you identify your “automatic” programs. These tools will teach you to become an Observer in your own life. By becoming an Observer, you will gain perspective. Next, you will gain deep awareness and understanding.

Self-empowerment comes with self-awareness at the level of being able to self-direct your path, even during the storms of life. Stress is a part of life, the 7 Steps to Freedom help you live in empowerment and joy. With these steps, you can avoid getting caught up in present circumstances and the Drama of Life.


For example; you want to change your habit of yelling at your kids. When this happens, you immediately start to feel guilty and resentful that you are the one that must change, because they won’t everchange. You may even blame them and wish they would be different so that you wouldn’t have to act out with rage and upset.

The 7 Steps to Freedom will help you move to a new ground of awareness and choice. You will see and understand their choices, as well as, your choices. You be connected to them in a positive way. Learning the concept of “connecting with understanding” empowers you to really “get them” and yourself.

Changing habits is easy when you apply the 7 Steps to Freedom. Watch and enjoy communicating with others and encouraging yourself to go forward rather than force yourself to move and react. Happiness comes from living in choice and positive action.