“I’m so frustrated! I QUIT!”

How many times have you said that when you’re trying to read a goal? You lose a little weight, gain it back, lose again, gain again. You SWEAR you’re going to be perfect starting Monday, only to have a friend invite you to lunch at a place that has your favorite cookies.

And the frustration starts all over again.

With all the hype in media about weight loss, it is difficult to discover which methods really are helpful and workable. I find that most people are desperate for answers and have tried most everything that will help them lose weight, only to be frustrated later as the pounds either don’t come off, or eventually come back on.

Here are some key ways you can continue reaching towards your goals without the accompanying frustration.

Not only will these tools help you lose weight, they will also help you enjoy the journey.

Breathe and Move

Breathing and moving is one of the first things we teach to calm and release anxiety. But it is also helpful when you are frustrated about any goals you are trying to accomplish.

Breathing allows oxygen to move through your body, helping the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems to function properly. When you use positive and productive breathing techniques, you can calm the brain and body by coming home. The frontal lobe of your brain gets more oxygen and fuel, you become clearer in your thinking, and there is a unity between the mind and the body.

You can transform your frustration into peace.

Spending a small amount of time every day engaged in deep focused or interval breathing, will help you release stress. And there is research that suggests you can also release excess fat with deep breathing techniques. (Refer to our article Breathing to become Weight-less).At Live by Heart, we recommend many great breathing techniques that work really well for this.

In addition to breathing and moving the diaphragm, is the moving and stretching of the body. Many systems of the body need movement to function properly. And movement of the physical body makes a difference in the way you see and feel life.

Moving releases stress both physically and mentally. It can release frustration and bring you back to your body.


Be Okay with the Journey

Being too critical of yourself can cause inner conflict that leads to emotional eating. When you or anyone analyzes too much, engages in excess self-interrogation, and judges every step of the journey, it turns the daily stress into a grinding uphill battle. Everyone has battles from time to time. How you face them determines your experience.

This is a journey. Every goal you make, every change you want to create in your life, is a journey that you can either judge or enjoy.

Babies wantto crawl, and then walk. How far do you think they would get if they beat themselves up every time they fell?

Today, I watched a baby struggle as he was trying to turn over. His little face was determined as he continued to push. He even got frustrated for a minute. The kind of frustration he was experiencing gave him the little extra “umph” to turn himself over. And then it was done. Joy spread across his face.

Then he practiced over and over again.

There was no judgment to the length of time it was taking him or the amount of effort he was putting into reaching his goal.

Like the baby, our bodies want to be healthy and heal.

Be OK with your journey. Love who you are and what you look like in this very moment. When you are filled with love and gratitude for yourself, it will become easier to move forward. Within the daily journey, not the end goal, is where the learning, the understanding, the getting to know yourself, and the growing resides.

The real joy is the discovery.

Understand Everyone has “Plateaus” – Ups and Downs

An emotional/physical “plateau” is the “leveling off” from your progress, you want to go forward and onward, but there suddenly is little or no change.

I spoke with one woman today who had experienced a plateau for FIVE months. And yet, she stuck with it. She was kind to herself, continued to give her body what it needed, and most importantly, trusted that it was going to work out.

Now, she is dropping the pounds again. I like to believe that her weight loss will be permanent. That she is changing her life, not just her weight, for good.

There are many reasons for “plateaus.” Sometimes you may need hydration, or sometimes you may need to make a small shift in the nutrition that you give your body. Sometimes you might even need to detox from toxins that are needing to be released through daily living or from exercise. The liver may need support as fat cells break down. And, sometimes your body may need some time to adjust to the changes that have already happened.

But one of the most important reasons that often gets over-looked is the emotional reason for the “plateau.”

All bodies store emotions that are unresolved. In traditional Asian medicine, the organs store emotions. And the fat cells store many emotions. So, for example, if something traumatic happened and you decided to cope with the trauma by eating food, those emotions can be stored in the fat cells that are created at that time. Now, whatever amount of time later, those same emotions could be released from the cells as the body releases the fat.

Your body, heart, and mind needs to feel safe in our journey.

This is why I like to do emotional work at the same time as I am trying to make any changes in my life. I can safely deal with the emotions that arise while my body is losing weight.

You are still going to have periods of frustration. Get excited about your frustrations!They are signals and opportunities for growth. You can honor those moments and choose to be kind to yourself. You can tune in to your body, heart, and mind and see what adjustments might need to be made.

Every journey we take in life is precious.

Every single one. We get to learn, love, understand, serve, and connect to ourselves, others, and this beautiful world where we get to have these experiences.

Start your journey with breathing more, focus on moving and breathing each day. Start journeying. Become aware of you, your body, your heart, your mind. Start to let go of the stuck emotions and write about them, draw them, talk to others to let them go.

Consider some of the courses and coaching that Live by Heart offers to make change easier on your path.

Comment and tell me what triggers your frustrations. How do you handle it? How do you help yourself stay on course?

With much love,

Live by Heart