Are you overwhelmed with life? Are you running from the mundane humdrum of your everyday tasks and wishing you had some excitement? Or do you wish you could feel a sense of rest and peace in your life?

Are you pushing and pushing every day and wondering what, how, and when this crazy life will slow and if it will ever work itself out?

Do you have too much stress and responsibility and wish you could have relief from it all?

Are you waiting for a big weekend, or a big event, or an experience to just make life better?

Or are you looking for a cave, a closet, a bed, a mountain, a beach to run and hide from life to relax and restore?

When I am in overdrive, trying to over-achieve, over-do, or over-help, I feel like I’m living in a state of “overwhelm”. It feels like my stress becomes the new normal. The desire to simply run away to avoid life starts to rise within me. And then that desire itself starts to add to my feeling of overwhelm.

I did this for years. I seemed to be checking off my To Do List, but there were so many more things to get done. It was like my tasks were in a barrel spinning around, and I’d reach down and grab another token reminder of “Oh, I need to do that…or, I should be doing this…or, why didn’t I do these things? or, I should have done that better.”

Constantly “doing” had become a habit, and spinning around and around, juggling one thing after another, and not very well.


The only way I stopped was to get sick, which only forced me to stop, or to binge so that I could keep going.

Growing up I felt that to stay alive meant gasping for air. I had to keep pushing in order to feel like I was accomplishing something. As if I had to constantly be a Hero for myself and others to be valuable and worth anything and to feel that I was really alive.

Like any addiction to a substance, I had to sensorially feel the push in order to feel real. To feel life.

I only felt real if I was pushing to the point that adrenaline was being pumped and acetylcholine was making me get up and go. The adrenaline made more sugar, which turned into a high. The acetylcholine triggered a cascade of other neurotransmitters – like dopamine, noradrenaline, histamine, and possible endogenous opiates.

So, pushing had its rewards and the let-downs led me to push more. Fears, frustrations, anxiety, just fed the cycle, like a lion getting fed after getting angry.

I eventually had enough. I decided to seek for answers. Finding those answers lead to coaching others who were on the same path. I learned about my immune system, my belief system, my emotional system, my heart, my mind, my body and of course, my relationship with others.

However, sometimes I would forget, and the cycle would start over again.

I wanted to find a way that on a daily basis, I could rise above the overwhelm and stay alive.

Truly LIVE.



To FEEL Alive! I mean to really live without constantly feeling overwhelmed.

So, what was the answer to Feel Alive every day without the drug of stress, overwhelm, and the need to be a Hero? Here are 10 ways (steps) to more effectively live your life and Be Alive:

Step 1) Start each day with breath and movement.Live by Heart has some great breathing tools to help ground and bring peace and awareness. Movement can either be walking, stretching, exercising, or running around the house naked. Maybe not that last one.

Also, any time you find yourself feeling stress, anxiety, or overwhelm, breathing and movement RIGHT THEN will make a big difference. It will bring you back to the frontal lobe in your brain and help you think clearly and find calm in the moment.

Step 2) Choose to be in the moment.Being grateful for whatever is going on in your life can really help you be in the moment. You will more clearly know what needs to be done and what you can let go. You will recognize and be grateful for the teaching moments you are given. Life will feel like a breath of fresh air rather than gasping for air to stay alive.

Step 3) Give your body good nutrition and proper rest. At Live by Heart, we talk about the beauty of nutrition helping with your state of mind and emotions. And rest helps your body integrate the information it is receiving, as well as healing and strengthening your body, heart, and mind for a new day.

Steps 4-10) Living with the 7 Steps to Freedom.We have developed a tool to help people transform their lives from habits and patterns they feel keep them in the same overwhelming rut of life, to a life of choice, peace, and joy. The first step is to breathe and move. The second step is to observe what is going on in your body, heart, and mind. Going through each of these steps helps you transform your life, so you truly are Feeling Alive every day.

Do you have tools you use to escape the anxiety and overwhelm feelings of life? What are they? How do you feel you could improve your life and Feel Alive? Please comment below and share with those you care about!

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With Love,

Ron Wayman and Jennifer Marie